Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas in the smart-ass house

I intended to ignore Christmas. I told my partner I wasn't looking forward to the Big Day. I made him promise not to buy me a gift. I even asked him on Christmas Eve if he had bought me anything. And he said no. Liar.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the Hunger Games, and I got all worked up over the terrible advert for NERF Rebelle. Basically generic NERF toys made 'girly'. Take three guesses what I got for Christmas.

That is the Nerf Rebelle Diamondista Blaster. Not only ignoring my request to not exchange gifts, he bought me something I had actively whinged about. Smart-ass.

In my previous rant I complained about the amount of rubbish going to land-fill, meaningless generic gifts, consumerist crap and obligatory gift giving. I whinged about Nerf Rebelle implying girls could only play with weapons if they were pretty and fit the gender binary. But to be honest, my Blaster is pretty cool.

Ignoring the fact that it's cheap plastic and was probably made in a dodgy Chinese factory, it ticks all the gift giving boxes. It's personal, it made me laugh out loud when I opened it and I'm getting plenty of use out of it. Bonus points because it wasn't actually wrapped, but tucked in a suitcase, so I got the enjoyment of opening a present, without any of the waste.

I'm still feeling pretty Grinchy about the whole Christmas affair, but I'm also pretty pumped to have something to shoot my boyfriend with. And tonight we have planned a slightly fancy dinner, with fancier desert and alcoholic eggnog. So it's a little festive, but if anyone ever thinks moving house near Christmas is a good idea, it's really not.

That's all she wrote. It's Christmas, and while I'm not doing all the traditional festivities, I am having a lazy day. What did you get/do for Christmas?

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  1. For Christmas I got Chocolates. What I did was chill out with the immediate family and eat fruit salad for breakfast and ham and stuff sandwiches for lunch. Then shoot down to hang out with some friends and their family for dinner.


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