Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Reviewsday... or not!

I confess, I'm quitting. Kind of. I'm very proud of myself for blogging weekly for a month, and then twice a week for three month, but I can't keep it up. I'm a little ashamed of some of the half arsed effort that I've been putting up in the last month-ish. Since Roller Derby started up again in January I've been feeling a little overwhelmed. I work 8:30-5:00 Monday to Friday, head out to roller derby training Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday for a total of 8 hours a week, cook, clean, half-assedly renovate my house and sleep. With this blog I've been sacrificing Monday nights and Thursday nights to writing. Maybe sacrifice is a little melodramatic since I do enjoy writing it.

Point is though, if I blog Monday, go to derby Tuesday and Wednesday, then blog Thursday four of my seven nights are spoken for. If (like last night) I have plans then I suddenly panic and flail when I realise I have no blogging time. Look at that busy timeline above, it doesn't say in there anywhere 'Play Boardgames'. And a pretty essential part of reviewing boardgames is playing board games.
A bandwagon I will
not be jumping on

So I'm not quitting, but I'm quitting my schedule. I'm knocking back Tuesday Reviewsday to every-second-Tuesday Reviewsday. And probably pulling back my Friday ramblings to alternate Fridays. I have plenty of things to angrily rant about, and plenty of things I don't want to touch with a twenty-foot pole, but I'll be reclaiming some of my life now, thank you very much. And hopefully delivering some better content as well.


  1. This isn't how quitting works :P
    Everyone needs enough time to actually live life though.

    1. "I'm getting lazy" doesn't make such an engaging opener though :p

    2. If that's getting lazy I've got a lot of work to do before I can claim to be lazy ;)


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