Friday, 10 July 2015

Every day should be like Wednesday was

I took Wednesday off work to celebrate my partner breaking in to a new decade. Congrats, now you're properly grown up! Here's a rough rundown of the day.

I got up when my body told me to. Screw you alarm clock!

Mike made me a coffee, and we sat outside enjoying the almost-but-not-quite sunshine. I poked a couple of plants and checked on my chickens. Blyss (aka Monster-cat) didn't get tangled in her leash for once.

Breakfast was lazily made around eleven. Eggs, bacon, potato, haloumi. Because you can't stinge on birthday breakfasts.

Mike and I spent about an hour learning to code. That sounds fancier than it is since he was learning Ruby (which is apparently a programming code) and I was learning HTML/CSS.

We had a cheese date. In the trying-to-be-but-not-quite sunshine. I had to drive a manual for the first time since his ankle is in a cast. New skill number two for the day. Stuffed up the cheese date though, I forgot the knives, and took us to a dry zone so we couldn't drink the wine. Turns out that most cheese are soft enough to be eaten with your fingers, but too hard to 'slice' with the wafer thin crackers we had.

Home from our cheese date and I learned another lesson - yes you can make tea with the leftover steamed milk from when you made a coffee, but no you shouldn't pour in the bubbles. It's just weird, bubbly tea.

I had a serious dilemma - keep learning code, or play Skyrim? I had adulted enough that I earned some play time, but I was really enjoying learning a new skill (Skyrim won though)

Dinner, the expensive rich, meat-filled kind (no cheap Chilli Con Carne for birthday dinners!)

And then I went out and played roller derby with my friends.

And at no point was I chained to a desk trading time for money.

But it wasn't just a perfect example of a great day because I didn't go to work. It was a great day because I got to sleep until I woke up naturally, I learned two new skills, I relaxed in the sunshine, and I got to sweat and sport with my friends. Just add in applying those new skills (well, I drove somewhere, so driving manual skills applied) and you have a perfect day.

Even if I forgot the cheese knives.

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  1. Forgetting the cheese knives makes it a better story. Turns it from being we went somewhere to we had an adventure. Not that one should do it on purpose of course but does make it more interesting.


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