Friday, 10 July 2015

Learning to code (encourages you to do ugly things)

 The upside to learning to code is that you get to learn a new thing.

The downside to learning to code is that it actively encourages you to make things really ugly, just to prove you can. Like putting backgrounds on text. Or changing the font size and colour.

This thing I've created isn't really ugly, but it's a thing, I did it, using code, not using any WYSIWYG (What you see if what you get) editor.

Yay for me!

--Everything from here down I made in code, huzzah. Photo Credit to Roller Derby Fotos. Also you can buy tickets to watch me play roller derby from OzTix--

Pinch Assault
24, Radelaidie, Salty Doll


  • Skating really fast
  • Not getting hit
  • Getting all the points


  • It's like playing speed chess while people throw bricks at you
    • This is a list inside a list

    Skating History

  • Salty Doll - 2013-2015
  • C-Bomb (ADRD C-Team) - 2013
  • Radelaidie (ADRD B-Team) - 2014-15

    Fourth list of things!

  • I'm actually out of ideas
    1. Lame
    2. Suck
    3. Boring

-- End my code. Insert auto-generated facebook like/share button--

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