Friday, 3 July 2015

Excellent work moments

It's the little things that make the day brilliant.

Email from me:

HI Jeff,

This request is (mostly) complete.

There is a slight snag with the Learning Materials – I’ve removed the link on the A-Z and replaced it with a new one, but I can’t find where the file was originally uploaded. There were links to it on the main A-Z but there seems to be another original version floating around somewhere. For now the A-Z has the new version, and I’ll get Ian to help me find the old version on Monday.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the completing of this publishing request.

Reply from the guy upstairs:

Hi Laura

Thanks for doing all of that uploading, the Learning Materials doc on the A-Z still looks like ye oldie document to me but let me know when the new one goes up and my manager will release the cute furry bunny that he is holding hostage.  


Reply from me:

Hi Jeff,

The new document should be up. I just had to load it, then press ctrl+f5 to clear the cache.

Please can the fluffy bunny go free? It’s cousin from Caerbannog is getting concerned.

Reply from upstairs:

Thanks, at the risk of having you release the Caerbannog, the Learning Materials doc also needs to go onto the two topic pages.

Then, and only then, does my manager uphold his part of the bargain and release the cute, fluffy, incredibly tiny bunny

And thanks for ploughing through all of those folders today, the legend of your team continues to grow. J 

And finally from me:
A long time ago (well, 5 minutes actually) in an office far far away (the ground floor) the good folk of [my team] toiled at their labours.

The task was pressing, their outlook bleak, and yet they persevered.
Though held back by the might of the great giant Busy, those noble souls triumphed over Monotony!

The mighty “Learning Materials” were installed on the page of Schooling, and in the heart of Child Safety & Wellbeing.

They returned home, full of joy at the success of their undertaking, to down a hearty stout before the fire.

There was but one thing missing to make their quest complete… the cute, fluffy, incredibly tiny bunny.

Slight edits to keep me out of trouble at work :p Apparently the hilarious gentleman from upstairs is pretty average to talk to, but he's great with the emails :)


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  1. Brilliant. Clearly they have a sense of humour :)


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